First blog post

Hi, how are you ?

I would like your help. I am a hotel. I was built circa 1930-1931 and I am still around, so I have seen a lot. I have been witness to many things including, the advent of automobile travel, the burgeoning art-deco style movement, and the evolution of a robust community supported by the University of Washington. At the time of my creation, I was considered to be one of the most impressive and avant garde structures west of the Mississippi. You may have seen images of me, walked or driven past me, you may have even been or will be my guest, at some point. But do you really know me?

For the rest of this year, I will be sharing interesting bits of historical info about my life and times as a landmark hotel in the University District. But I still need your help to complete my story. If you, or someone you know, may have any photos or experiences that have been collected over the years and would like to contribute, please do so on my social media sites.